Presented by a Swimming Pool Repair Technician

Types of Swimming Pools

Your swimming pool is could be the biggest investment you have made after buying your home. Therefore, you have to do whatever it takes to maintain it in excellent condition. Cracked tiles, as well as various failures of any of its components, can compromise the quality of the pool water. Do not put your health at risk, and do call a swimming pool repair technician to always keep your pool in great shape. If you want to learn more about the main types of swimming pools, read this page. It presents the five most common types of pools that people have on their properties.

The first swimming pool type is the above-the-ground option. This is the least expensive option available to homeowners. It is easy to build even by many DIYers. It is elevated above the ground, and it is relatively easy to disassemble as well as move to another location.

The second type is the pool made out of fiberglass. To install this kind of swimming pool, you have to hire professionals to excavate the foundation in your backyard, install the necessary plumbing, and cover the surfaces with fiberglass coating. Repairs are easy to perform.

Vinyl pools are another option. They are similar to fiberglass pools, but the floor and the walls are covered with vinyl lining.

Gunite pools are the most popular option. They are in-ground too; however, the experts will add gunite, which is a mixture of cement and sand.

Concrete pools are harder to build.

Whatever the type of pool that you have is, the best practice is to use professional swimming pool repair services whenever you suspect any damage to your pool. DIY efforts may end up doing more harm than good, and costly harm at that. So, if you live in Torrance, CA, choose the services of JC Swimming Pool & Spa Service. Call us today, we will also answer any questions you may have about our company and services.