Get Answers to the Most Common Questions About Our Company!

If you are trying to choose the right swimming pool maintenance service provider in Torrance, CA, you must be stuck with dozens of questions. And here we have come up with some commonly asked questions about JC Swimming Pool & Spa Service. Check out the answers given below to clear some of your queries.

Q: How long has your company been in business?

A: We have been helping the people of the area with our quality services since 2006. So we have vast experience in the industry, and this helps us to serve our customers the best.

Q: How can I make a payment?

A: After we are done with the swimming pool services, you can make payment in cash or cheques, whichever you feel is easy and convenient for you.

Q: What are the services your company offers?

A: Our company offers swimming pool cleaning and repair services. We can also provide you with the maintenance of your swimming pool. Along with this, we offer swimming pool replastering & build services to our customers.

Q: Does your company provide any special offers or discounts?

A: Yes. We offer some special offers and discounts to our customers. We give 10% discounts to senior customers. This offer is valid for military people too.

Q: How often should I go for swimming pool cleaning services?

A: No matter whether the swimming pool is private or public, it needs proper cleaning on a regular basis. If not, it can lead to several issues like bacterial and algal growth, and excess dirt. It is vital to prevent these issues. Or else, you may become sick with respiratory infections, ear infections, inflammation of the eyes, etc.

Q: What is the need for pool leak detection?

A: Do you have a leaking pool? If yes, it is important to repair it as soon as possible. If not, things can get worse in the future. It can lead to severe damage very soon. It can even damage your lawn, pool deck, etc. So it is suggested to go for repair services to prevent heavy expenses in the future.

Q: When is the right time to repair my swimming pool?

A: If you are wondering which is the right time to go for swimming pool repair services, you must keep in mind that the winter months are the best. The reason behind this is this is the offseason, and you usually don’t use your swimming pool. Whereas, it is better to avoid repairing during the summer months. However, if any emergency arises, you must not wait for the right time.

It is hoped that you have got some really useful information about JC Swimming Pool & Spa Service and our services. It can be the case that you want to know more about us. No worries, you always give us a call at (310) 951-9631. As the most popular service provider in Torrance, CA, you will be amazed by the service we provide.

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