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Why Do You Have to Consider Replastering Your Swimming Pool?

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Swimming Pool Replastering & Build: Why Does That Project Make Absolute Sense?

Owning a large, pretty, and healthy swimming pool requires a lot of care and attention. Checking its pH level and chemistry on a regular basis is not enough. Eventually, over time, your pool will become to show signs of deterioration and some certain defects. Soon, you will have to plan for your swimming pool replastering & build. Why is that so necessary?

  • Aesthetic reasons. Your swimming pool is a gorgeous and expensive investment which should be in tip-top condition all the time. It adds a significant value to your property and it will help you sell your home at a higher price. Thus, its beauty and efficient maintenance are extremely important. To have a pretty and comfortable pool to enjoy, you should consider acid washing and the application of a new layer of plaster that will remove any old stains. Nevertheless, stain problems have to be addressed very carefully. Choosing a trustworthy and licensed contractor with extensive experience is a must. That is because the plaster mixture must be prepared and applied with great caution. It is a mixture of white cement and marble dust. Temperature, speed, and their mixing methods can affect the final results.

  • Structural reasons. As plaster is actually the waterproof layer between the water and the pool shell, it is responsible for its structural stability and durability as well. If you have an old swimming pool, putting off this kind of project will make the water ”weep” through its concrete walls. Removing the old one, and applying a brand-new quality coat of plaster will improve its strength and protect your pool’s walls from the effects of the water. Having several bare spots is an unsightly view. But this concern can be fixed, by applying patches on small areas.

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